Is SnapSkan scanning free of charge?

Yes, SnapSkan scanning and its related service are free to use. Parking garages set their own prices for parking-related services. You can also request a free scan with SnapSkan hand scanners at several Vianor service centres; the list is available at

How much does it cost to send a SnapSkan SMS?

There is no charge. The service and report are free to the customer as Nokian Tyres covers the costs.

Which information do you collect and store regarding the SnapSkan service users?

At the time of measurement, we store the measurement result, registration number, time of the measurement and information concerning which instrument was used for the measurement. The compiled information will be automatically deleted from the system within seven (7) days if a sign-up has not been completed by that time. Information on the cars or their passengers, or photographs thereof, are not stored in the system. When signing up, users also provide their email address for customer identification purposes.

SnapSkan’s Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Notice are in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation, and they can be found at the bottom edge of the website. Users will not be contacted for marketing unless they specifically give permission to it.

Why am I not receiving a tyre condition report, even though I have signed up?

The measurement result cannot always be delivered due to reasons attributable to technology or other causes. The most common reasons for why a report cannot be delivered are as follows: the registration number could not be read (due to dirt or snow), all four tyres could not be measured (a tyre did not pass over the instrument) or the instrument could not read every car that passed over in sequence.

Why is the tread measurement result lower than the result of my own measurement?

For safety reasons, the result in the SnapSkan report is based on the most worn tyre. The measurement result for individual tyres is the mean value for the measured main groove treads, rounded to the nearest millimetre.

Do I need to order a SnapSkan report every time I drive over the instrument?

No, you do not. Once you sign up, you will receive a link to a report automatically when a new measurement is made, but at most once per month. If you would like to have the report more often, you can log in again.

Once a driver has signed up, can they remove all their information from the system?

Yes, they can. Once a user deletes their information, all the earlier reports are also permanently deleted.